After completing three days of training you should have the basics down.  Before "unleashing" you on your own, we've put together a little test to be sure you're ready to go.  Please answer the questions below to the best of your ability.  There are no wrong answers so use common sense if you are not sure .

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You just completed a nice walk in the park with Fido. He pooped and peed during the walk and met a friendly dog along the way. What kind of a message would you leave for his owner after the walk?
You arrive at the apartment and the dog is not home. What should you do first?
When is it acceptable to put your keys down inside the apartment?
You arrive and see $60 cash sitting on the counter, what should you do?
You're out with a client and an approaching dog is barking which his hackles raised. There's limited room for you to pass. What should you do?
A dog is approaching and the dog you are holding stands up tall, perks his ears up with his tail straight out and is showing teeth or growling. The approaching owner doesn't see the signs and is bringing their dog right towards yours. What should you do?
It's a rainy day and you don't see a towel out when you arrive. What should you do before returning with a wet dog?
Your phone dies and you don't have the number to contact us to let us know. How should you get a hold of us to let us know?
What time do you have to call in order to properly take a sick day?
You arrive to a walk and you're not familiar with the harness the owners are using. What should you do?
You have a friend in town who wants to spend the day with you. What interactions are not allowed with non-employees and our clients?
When is it acceptable to have head phones visible while on the clock?
Name four things to watch out for on the streets while walking a dog.
Someone approaches you in the park about walking their dog, but they don't want to use a "big" company, they just want you to do it. What should you do?
You go to pick up a dog and they've had an accident in the apartment. What should you do?