General FAQs

Who is Luke?
There is no Luke, we just like the play on words.

Do you have references?
We have excellent references which are available upon request.

Are you insured and bonded?
Yes, we are insured and bonded through Business Insurers of the Carolinas.

Do you offer discounts?
We often run discounts for new clients for 20% off the second month of services.  We also have a referral program which nets our clients 20% off for one month for each referral.

Do you board?
Yes we do offer boarding and sittings to our regular clients! Several of our walkers offer boarding in their home. We do not crate the dogs and (as long as it’s okay with the owners), we allow the dogs to get up on the furniture and bed.

What if you have to go to the bathroom?
In the event we need to relieve ourselves, we will use our client’s restroom.  This time is not taken from your pup’s walk time.

Will you pick up an order from the pet shop?
As long as it has been pre-paid or the balance is left for us, we would be happy to do it.  If we can do it during your scheduled walk, there is no charge.

Do I tip my walker?
Tipping is never expected and not the norm outside of the holiday season; however, you’re the boss.  So if you feel your walker has been doing an exceptionally great job then who are we to argue?

Do you discipline the dogs?
If a dog is being naughty we will get them to sit and settle down until they are ready to start walking again.  Striking a pet is not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

Do you give them treats?
Only with the owner’s consent.  Additionally, we do not let people on the street or doormen give them treats.

How do you pair the dogs?
We try to keep them within a similar size and energy level.  You'll never see us walking a Great Dane with a Toy Poodle.  Additionally, we will make sure the pups have compatible personalities.

How do I pay for services?
We accept ACH debit and Credit Card payments through our pet software, Time to Pet. Our billing cycle is every two weeks. 


Walk FAQs

What is the window for walks?
We try to give everyone a set time in order to maintain the same schedule every day.  However, there are days where we may have more or less walks than usual.  Generally we give ourselves an hour window to complete a walk.  For example, if your walk time is set for 12:30 we may come as early as noon and as late as 1:00.  In extreme cases, we may need a slightly larger window but will generally notify clients when these instances arise (weather delays, someone is out, etc).  For puppy care we try to keep the window to 30 minutes, meaning if we are scheduled for 12:30 we will arrive between 12:15-12:45.

What if my walker gets sick or can't make a walk?
We have dedicated back up walkers who are ready to cover in the event your primary walker is unexpectedly sick or takes a vacation.

Do you supply bags?
Each walker has bags with them; however, we will use the owner’s bags if they are attached to the leash.

What if I have 2 dogs and my neighbor wants their dog walked at the same time?
If you and your neighbor are requesting that the dogs are walked together then we would be willing to make an exception.

What if my dog bites someone or is bitten?
We will file a claim through our insurance and they will cover any expenses associated with the incident.

What do you do with the first dog while picking up the second?
We will always take the pup inside with us.  This is so no one takes them and so people don't feed them or antagonize them.

Do you take them to the dog parks?
We will take them to the dog park if you would like us to do so.  Otherwise, we will walk them the entire time.

Do you listen to music or talk on the phone during walks?
Absolutely not.  Walkers may occasionally text a client or another walker if there is a pressing matter.  Otherwise, they are focused on your dog the entire walk.

Do you let the dogs interact with other dogs while walking?
If your dog is friendly and the approaching dog is friendly then we will let them sniff each other.  Generally we will walk in between your dog and oncoming pups.        

When can I cancel a walk without being charged?
Walks cancelled by 6PM the evening before will incur no fee. Cancellations made after 6 PM but before 9 AM on the same day of services will be charged 50% of the full services. Cancellations made after 9AM on the same day services may be charged 100% of the services' rates.

Are you available on last minute notice?
We generally have someone available until about 6 PM each day.  If your primary walker isn’t available, we will try to schedule his or her back-up to fill in.  We will do our best to accommodate all last minute requests; however, if everyone has already finished for the day, we may not have a walker available.

What do you do when it rains?
We get wet!  We walk rain or shine.  Our clients tell us where we can find a towel on rainy days and we will dry off your dog as much as we can.

Do you leave notes after the walk?
Our petcare software sends you updates via email as soon as we complete the walk. You can see the gps map of where your dog walked and we will tell you what they did (pee, poop, diarrhea, anything funny they did, progress they are making as a puppy, etc.). The walkers also attach occasional pictures!

How long are the actual walks?
We start our clock when we walk through your door, not the building.  We are generally in and out within 2 minutes.  We will then return with about 3-5 minutes left on the walk which gives us time to get your pup back inside, clean them up if needed, replenish their water, etc.  If we make it back a few minutes early, we will play with your dog for a bit to fill out the requested time.

Do you clean up any accidents that you find?
Yes, and we will take it out with us to keep your apartment smelling fresh.

What if my dog picks up something off the street?
We try to keep an eye about 5-8 feet in front of the dog and steer them away from tempting sidewalk treats.  In the event they are faster than we are, then we go fishing.  One quick sweep with the finger usually brings out the contraband.


Sitting/Boarding FAQs

How long are you in the home when sitting/boarding?
When we are booked for an overnight stay, we will come to your home between 5-8 PM and will not leave before 8 AM the following morning.

While boarding, the longest a dog will be left alone is 4-5 hours (sitting walks are included in the boarding fee).

What is the longest you will dog sit/board?
There is no amount of time that is too long.  However, for in-home sitting over two weeks, we may need to have a second walker sub in for a night or two to give your primary a night off.