Dog Walks

We offer walks in many intervals.  Basically, you tell us how long you want your dog to be walked and that's what we'll do!  Our rates vary based on the time and day as well as the number of walks you book per week.   

Full Time (Booking 4 walks/week or more)
$18 for 30 minutes
$23 for 45 minutes
$32 for 60 minutes

Part Time (Booking 3 walks/week or less)
$21 for 30 minutes
$27 for 45 minutes
$37 for 60 minutes

Premium Rate is a flat $40 for up to 60 minutes no matter how many walks you book per week.  Holidays subject to this rate are New Year’s Eve (after 5 PM), New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Want a solo walk or have a second dog in home?  Add $8 to applicable rate.  For example, a 30 minute walk for 2 dogs at the FT rate would be $25.

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Other Services


Boarding & In-home Sitting

Why take your little guy or gal to a kennel when they can have the comfort of home? They can hang with us in our home or stay in yours! Overnight stays include feedings and a good night/good morning walk in addition to at least two 30 minute walks throughout the day. Rates start at $75/night for one dog. $110 for two dogs. Add $10/night for additional dogs. Add $20 for up to three cats. We give preference to your daily walker for in-home sitting; however if they are unavailable we will arrange a meeting with one of our other available walkers.

We generally bring the dogs to our home after we have finished for the day and bring them back to your home the morning you return, before our first walk. If you are leaving early or coming home late, we can add in additional walks so they are not alone for too long. For weekend only sitting bookings, we will usually pick the dogs up on our way home for the day on Friday and return them Monday morning on our way to start the day.

There is a $20 travel charge for dogs who are too large to ride on the subway; however, the fee will be waived if you book three or more days.  For boarding, you MUST book at least two days (we do not offer one day only boarding; we can do in-home sitting for these requests). During the holidays, we only accept boarding requests of four or more days (again, in-home sitting is available for fewer days).

Puppy Care

Got a little, little guy? Congrats!  We offer special services for puppies.  Most pups won't have all their shots until they are about four months old, but they still need to go potty (even more so!).  Since our tiny friends can't walk or mingle with other dogs just yet, we offer a different plan.  Our Puppy Care is one-on-one with us. We will visit your pup for bathroom breaks/feedings of 10-15 minutes then spend another 10-15 minutes playing with them in your home.  We can set this up for as many times in a day as you'd like and can help reinforce any training you are working on with them.  $25/visit for Part-time walks or $23/visit for Full-time walks.

Cat Sitting

Not a dog person?  Nobody's perfect!  But we also love man's best friend's worst enemy.  We can tailor a "kitty-sitting" package starting at $25/visit

Pet Pick Up/Drop Off

Have a grooming appointment, a vet visit or an early return from doggy day care?  You don't have to take time off work to take or pick up your pup.  Let us do it.  Incorporate a walk or we can do direct drop-offs/pick-ups.  Rates vary depending on needs/location. 

Dog Running

Is your dog getting a little pudgy?  Or does he have more energy than you can handle?  Then sign them up for a run!  We run at a pace that is appropriate for your dog to get their heart rate up and help burn that extra weight or energy.  $30 for 30 minutes or $50 for an hour.  Bookings may not be available during peak hours of 11am-3pm.   

Table Scraps

Not seeing a service here that you need?  Just ask!  You and your pup come first so we are always trying to provide our clients with what they need.


We're proud to support InstaVet, providing the highest level of care in the comfort of home, making the experience more convenient for you and less stressful on your pet.